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Exhibition design or commonly termed stall design and booth design are an ideal medium for most B2B/b2C brands today. It is not about participation but brand projection. Exhibition stall production is carried out keeping the fine nuances of a brand in mind to aptly reflect and communicate the brand image. Let’s understand what really delivers that perfect brand environment.


Innovative Elements in Stall Design — Innovative elements or materials are being experimented with today. The idea is to not just use them for excellent quality exhibition stall fabrication, but also to make them a part of the brand image. Such elements include:

  • «  Stand out Components — Examples include a stairway, lounge, reception desk, product display, light fixtures, ceiling design, etc.
  • «  Posters and Graphics — Graphics and communication for the entire exhibition stall design and production such as the use of info graphics, way-finding systems, photography, product-display graphics, key communication, onsite graphics etc add brand communication to the
    pavilion design.
  • «  Product/Service Demonstration — An exhibition stall design production is incomplete without an exciting product or service demonstration. After all, what shows is what sells.
  • «  Technology — Innovative and effective use of technology throughout the exhibition production is an interesting technique of adding glitz.


Experiential Exhibition Stall Design — Stall design expressly designed to create an experience for attendees, i.e., an exhibition stall design that activates attendees' senses and goes above and beyond a static architectural structure is the current twist in the tale.


Green Exhibits — Exhibition stall design and production that reduces the negative impact on the environment, as realised through sustainability, eco-friendly or recycled materials, and practices energy efficiency is the need of the hour.  


Lighting based Exhibition Stall Design and Production — Lighting can change the stall production turnout completely. It can create play and add life to the pavilion design.


Written by Charu Nathan, CREATIVE DIRECTOR for exhibition design and production division of CREATIVE INC


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Our Success Stories
CREATIVE INC's unique design & exhibition fabrication won us the Best Pavilion Award at IREFCON 2012

Head of a leading Foundry Company
CREATIVE INC's performance is very good and they have been engaged with our organisation for almost 3 years. We rely on them fully for end to end event planning and execution.

Executive Director of a Delhi Government Corporation
The agency is very good and they successfully designed and executed our pavilion at
Meri Dilli Utsav. This won us the Second Best Pavilion Award.

Head of a Delhi Government Organisation
Dear CREATIVE INC team, thanks for the wonderful job done at the Green Cementech exhibition, Hyderabad. Looking forward to more such engagements, and lots of innovative work.

Vice President & Global Head of Marketing,
German Engineering Company
CREATIVE INC event management team was great in accomplishing CEBIT Australia for us. Kudos.

International Relations Manager, IT Consulting
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